Being Open and Stupid

How often do you explore every street and corner of your wonderful mind in order to make “sense” of your life or maybe wish for an outcome? If that happens rarely or even too often with you, I hope, you do realize that the least and the best you can do, at that very moment, is be OPEN.

I’m not talking about the openness just in your mind but an openness of BEING. It’s being INDEPENDENT of your thoughts and opening up to the EXPERIENCE of life itself not only its content. Thinking independently, is something everyone should feel comfortable in doing. And opening up to the experience of life, is overthrowing the complete idea of being a perfect person and giving up control to enjoy the present moment. Once we do that, we begin to notice new avenues and possibilities.

I don’t know about you but I feel quite drained out, stressed up and LIMITED when I narrow down my attention towards a single goal, a mountain to climb, from only one train of thought. I don’t feel alive when I live this way. I like to open up and believe openness isn’t just a mind activity, it’s a lightness and freedom in the heart, a vibrant you that sees infinite potential in oneself and lives life anew in each and every moment.

Being open is not easy with so many closed souls around. These closed souls will try to make you conceal your dreams, questions and ideas making you think that you sound stupid. BE STUPID! Dare! Do something you truly believe in with complete openness. That’s how miracles happen. There lies a miracle in you. It’s time to make it a reality!

So, be OPEN and be STUPID!


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