Love Story

Unlike the everlasting love, the national best seller can’t last long in today’s materialistic world, where people are afraid of loving someone or being loved.

Don’t go for the novel that took the world by storm in 1970’s, if you’re the one who’s on a quest for the meaning of love, because it doesn’t provide one. All it can enrich a reader with is the experience of love that he/she will feel once it’s completely read.

Erich Segal spills the bean right from the word go. It’s a very straight forward, no fantasy master-piece. He wrote something that had no Romeo and Juliet in it but was able to touch the heart of millions and millions of people. Being a novelty in the market at that time, it was way ahead of its time. The straight forward dialogues which came from the candid hearts kept the readers glued to this majestic experience. Their culture, their background, their wealth were the things Oliver and Jenny least bothered about. The thing that was most significant for them was the fact that they should get to remain together, forever. But destiny has its own way and the end of the novel provides a lump in one’s throat.

The subtle ways of expressing love, the simple yet so elegant story-line makes it a must read for any juvenile person, who is in love, or was in love, or hopes to be in love.
But what about those who don’t even know, “What is Love?” Erich Segal says,

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”,

but it’s much more than that, it’s what’s written between the lines.

If Love is about never having to say you’re sorry, it’s also about forgiving who said sorry, and that too without any regret and hatred. Ironic..? Well, it’s food for your thoughts. I hope you got it correctly because I just provided you with pearls over here. Understood it or not, but do enjoy it while it’s there, because it won’t last forever.