feel bad BUT move on!

Overcome the disappointment and REJOICE!!

This message is for all those, who have been suffering from some form of disappointment in recent times or still are due to some reasons, whatever they may be.

Failure is a part of life, we all know that. But, the real challenge is in dealing with it when it happens to you. Because you see, lecturing on it to someone is easy; yet it’s a whole different ball-game when you are at the receiving end of it. And, sometimes we can be really harsh on ourselves when facing dejection, rejection and the likes.

You know what, it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be unhappy. When someone betrays your trust, it’s okay to be resentful towards your fate, towards that higher power that may exist. When things don’t go the way you planned them to be, you deserve some alone time to think about the past, to ponder on your future. If you lose someone you love, it’s alright to feel the pain of the memories. Believe it or not, it’s okay to feel bad about yourself and think about what could have been and what should have been. We are all humans after all, and it’s our emotions that make us so. It really is okay to connect to your vulnerable self, don’t let anyone fool you about that.

But, and there’s always a ‘but’, it’s not enough to feel bad. It’s not enough to be disappointed with where your life is headed. It’s not enough to be caught up in the pain. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to get to that end.

Remember, why do we fall? So, that we can rise back up again.

And, that’s what we are all really striving for. Getting back up on our feet again. Challenging those who thought we did not have it in us, proving them wrong again and again. Daring life to show us another failure, so that we can make a success story out of it. Making better human beings out of ourselves. Above all, living life to its fullest, that’s the ultimate goal, right? That’s your destiny, that’s everyone’s destiny. If life throws you into darkness, you must light your own candle. You must be your own guiding hand, you must be the change you want to see in your own life!

How? Simple really. You must laugh so hard that you forget all those moments of sadness. You must take the worst of experiences, and make something good out of it.

You must move on, you must fight back.

Once you are done feeling bad about yourself, you must start feeling really-really good about yourself. Get that narcissism flowing through your veins, just a little bit. Feel good about everything, about everyone. Laugh. Make new moments. Love some more. Feel some more. Spread happiness. Do things you like. Find happiness in the smallest of things. Do things to keep yourself happy, don’t bother about the world, don’t care about the naysayers. Go ahead and do what you want to. You owe it to yourself. And remember, never ever give up!

Keep calm and have faith in yourself.